Norgeo LLC is one of the largest Mining, Exploration and Geotechnical Investigation companies in Armenia, which provides services to large, medium-sized, and small mining and engineering companies at all stages of surveying, exploring, developing, mining, and production. Regardless of location, position, climate, geology, or soil, Norgeo meets the specific requirements of clients. Norgeo LLC operates at fast pace, achieving excellent world-class quality in line with the applicable standards.

The Company was founded in 2012. At that time it was a small company with only one rig and little recognition but with great enthusiasm and qualified engineers. In 2012 we took on a contract to do exploration drilling for Geoteam (now Lydian Armenia) in Amulsar site of gold mining works.

In 2013 we were already well known in mining industry as exploration drilling company. Also we purchased our first Atlas Copco CS14.

In 2014 we were already competitive with older and more experienced companies in industry; we took part in a big project of Sagamar in the area of Armanis for gold-polymetal mine. RC (Reverse Circulation) drilling was performed; up to 16000 linear meters of drilling was done with diameters of121-133mm, at maximum dip up to 50-degrees and depths up to 150m. In 2014 we become partners with Zangezour Copper Molybdenum Combine CJSC. At ZCMC CJSC drilling works for geotechnical exploration, Geotechnical drilling works aimed at removing the accumulated water in the Kajaran copper and molybdenum deposit, Geotechnical drilling in the territory of Artsvanik dump with SRK Consulting, and Blast hole drilling works can be distinguished.

Norgeo has huge experience not only in engineering but also in researching and exploration works. Key to our success is our highly qualified employees. Our team consists of highly experienced specialists and well-educated and motivated young engineers who are continuously being evolved by our more experienced specialists, working side by side to provide the best quality product. such teamwork reserves us the right to say that we can make seemingly impossible concepts of our clients realized in best manner.

Due to its activity Norgeo has got to work in different areas with different culture and type of people. We do our best to ensure that our company shows itself from the best possible angle, including ethics and kindness. We are doing our best not to disturb locals. it is very important to have good working atmosphere.

In 2015 we already had more than 30 big projects done. The Company kept getting bigger with updating equipment, more rigs were purchased and more specialists were hired. One of the biggest projects in 2015 was Lichkvaz Tei project. We did total 40.000 linear meters of column drilling with a maximum 500 meters deep holes. One of the difficulties at that site was that some of drill holes had horizons of up to 3 adits. We also constructed about 10 kilometres of roads and 219 stacking platforms. During the same year we started blasting works in Kajaran, with yearly blasted about 5 million cubic meters of rock. in the same year we started blasting works in Kajaran. With yearly blasted about 5 millions of cubic meters of rock. In 2015 our company purchased large amount of high quality geotechnical investigation equipment which allows us to perform the geotechnical works in accordance with the best International standards.

A two-phase complex geological survey was conducted in 2016 in the field of Kaps’ reservoir construction. All the work was done according to advanced international standards, with “Norgeo” LLC drilling rigs, equipment and materials.

By 2017 we already had many achievements and big successes. Continuously growing and developing we has become the leading company in all services we are offering in Republic of Armenia. We have gained a new partner - Centerra Gold Mining.
In same period we reached 1200 meters deep with double tube of 76mm in diameter.
Geotechnical works were carried out on the dam of Lake Arpi, aimed at studying the strength of the booth and strengthening it if necessary. The difficulty of drilling was that there was need a special technique that would have the capacity to work about 2.5 meters in width.

In 2018 in cooperation with Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA and National Academy of Science of RA we have implemented geological exploration works for surveying, detecting and preventing already active landslide in the area of Tumanyan region. The main difficulty was that landslide was already active and by delaying the works it would get too dangerous for nearby residence, international road and railway.

The experts are regularly trained in state-of-the-art techniques and methods of surveying, drilling and mining. The company employs highly qualified and experienced geologists, geophysicists, geotechnical-engineers, hydro geologists and other professionals. For certain projects the company invites subject-matter consultants from abroad.

Norgeo LLC ensures the global standards of a secure, comfortable, and productive workplace. Every employee complies with the requirements of safety and informs the management about any incidents, violations of safety rules, and other circumstances that may affect the work safety.


Project Name Client Activities Performed
Kajaran Zangezour Copper Molybdenum Combine CJSC Blasting, Drilling for Blasting, Core Drilling
Kaps Water Reservoir CES Consultants GmbH Geotechnical Drilling, Geotechnical Investigation
Artsvanik Dam Zangezour Copper Molybdenum Combine CJSC with supervision of SRK Consulting Geotechnical Drilling, Geotechnical Works
Amulsar Geoteam LLC with supervision of Golder Associates Geotechnical Drilling
Amulsar Lydian Armenia OJSC Exploration Drilling, RC Drilling
Armanis Sagamar LLC Exploration Drilling, RC Drilling
Lichqvaz-tei LV Gold Mining CJSC Exploration Drilling

Our Activities

  • Drilling with NQ, HQ and PQ diameters with double and triple tubes
  • RC drilling
  • Geotechnical and hydro-geological drilling
  • Water well drilling (90-525mm diameters)
  • Drilling for blasting with DTH system
  • Comlex blasting works
  • Underground blasting
  • Open-pit blasting
  • Building demolition
  • Civil blasting
  • Excavation and earth moving works
  • Road construction
  • Installation of drilling sites and sites recultivation
  • Dams and pond construction
  • Soil compaction and leveling
  • Culverts installation

  • In-situ tests in the boreholes and trial pits, sampling
  • Permeability test (packer)
  • Falling Head tests
  • Constant Head tests
  • Grouting tests and grouting
  • ASTM D-1585 CPT
  • ASTM D-1586 SPT
  • ASTM D-1587 SHELBY
  • ASTM 6230 (inclinometer installation and measurements)
  • Piezometer installation (standard and casagrande)
  • Groundwater level measurement
  • Latching, lining and composing 3D maps
  • Geodesy surveying
  • Borehole camera
  • Transportation


Equipment Name/Type Quantity
Drilling Rigs: Atlas Copco CT20 Christensen 1
Drilling Rigs: Atlas Copco CS14 Christensen 4
Drilling Rigs: Atlas Copco Diamec PU6E 1
Drilling Rigs: GRANDPLAN 600B 2
Drilling Rigs: GRANDPLAN 458 2
Drilling Rigs: JK590 Crawler 1
Drilling Rigs: JK580 Crawler 2
Drilling Rigs: SKB 4 and 41 4
Drilling Rigs: URB 2.5 1
Inclinometers: SNUSM-ISP-V-30/150 1
Inclinometers: High-technology HKCX-DZ-CAB 1
Excavators: CAT 336 3
Excavators: CAT 329 1
Excavators: CAT 320 1
Excavators: CAT 428F2 1
Bulldozers: CAT D8 1
Equipment Name/Type Quantity
Bulldozers: CAT D6 2
Grader: CAT 140M 2
Front Loaders: CAT 966H 2
Vibro Roller: BOMAG BW216D 1
Telescopic handlers: Manitou MLT-X 840 1
Telescopic handlers: Manitou MT-X 732 1
Dumb Trucks: MAN 11
Trailer: MAN TGS 32540 1
Dumb Trucks: Astra 1
Dumb Trucks: Howo 2
ANFO Wells injector: MCZ-15-VP-K-014 2
ANFO Wells injector: North Benz ND252844J 1
Container Trucks: KAMAZ 10 tonne 1
Flat Bed Trucks: KAMAZ 10 tonne 4
Tank Cars: KAMAZ 8 tonne 3