Shared responsibility

Line managers have the prime responsibility for building and sustaining an environment where people have a sense of personal commitment to their work and give their best to ensure our Company’s success. They care for and develop the leaders of tomorrow. Line managers decide on all people matters under their influence, within the boundaries set by the policies and principles, acting as the final decision makers.

The Human Resources (HR) structure enables and empowers them in establishing business needs and their corresponding people requirements. Therefore, the mission of HR managers and their teams is to provide professional guidance to line managers aiming to deliver superior business results by optimising the performance of our people, while ensuring exemplary working conditions.


The long-term success of the Company depends on its capacity to attract, retain and develop employees able to ensure ongoing and sustainable growth. This is a primary responsibility of all managers.

The Norgeo LLC policy is to hire employees with personal attitudes and professional skills enabling them to develop a long-term relationship with the Company. Therefore, special attention will be paid to ensure there is a strong alignment between a candidate’s values and the Norgeo LLC culture. Only relevant skills and experience and adherence to the Norgeo LLC principles will be considered in employing a person. No consideration will be given to a candidate’s origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or age. Whilst adequate recruitment tools may improve the hiring process, the decision to hire a candidate remains in the hands of the responsible manager, supported by the HR team.


We are committed to providing our employees with good working conditions, a safe and healthy work environment, and flexible employment possibilities that support a better balance of private and professional life. As such, we provide flexible working conditions whenever possible and encourage our employees to have outside interests especially community involvement. Those with line management responsibilities are required to take personal ownership of safety and health within their area of responsibility and are encouraged to develop their capability in this area.

Norgeo LLC’s commitment however goes beyond its own employees. We care about all people working inside or outside our premises under contractual obligations with service providers and we insist that they also take steps so that adequate working conditions are made available to them. We believe that it is essential to build a relationship based on trust and respect of employees at all levels.

We do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. Therefore, managers are committed to build and sustain, with their teams, an environment of mutual trust. HR ensures that a respectful dialogue is present and the voice of the employees is heard.

Training and learning

Learning is part of the Company culture. Employees at all levels are systematically encouraged to consider how they upgrade their knowledge and skills. The Company determines training and development priorities. The responsibility for turning these into actions is shared between employees, line managers and the Human Resources. Experience and on-the-job training are the primary source of learning. Managers are responsible for guiding and coaching employees to succeed in their current positions.

Norgeo LLC employees understand the importance of continuous improvement, as well as sharing knowledge and ideas freely with others. Practices such as lateral professional development, extension of responsibilities, and cross functional teams are encouraged to acquire additional skills, enrich job content and widen accountability. Norgeo LLC also offers a comprehensive range of training activities and methodologies to support everyone’s learning and growth.

Employee relations

Since its founding, Norgeo LLC has built a culture based on values of trust, mutual respect and dialogue. Norgeo LLC not only upholds the freedom of association of its employees and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, but also ensures that direct and frequent communication is established in the workplace. While dialogue with trade unions is essential, it does not replace the close relationship that our management maintains with all employees. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we encourage two-way dialogue with our employees that goes beyond the traditional aspects of collective bargaining in order to share knowledge and to jointly find opportunities related to important matters such as the health and safety in the workplace and our concern for the environment.

The Company and employee representatives are expected to make all necessary efforts to develop fair and constructive dialogues, overcome the difficulties that they might encounter, reach sustainable agreements and implement them.