Bactec Eco LLC

Arjut mine

Geographical location

Arjut village, Lori province, Armenia

  • Norgeo LLC has performed additional geological exploration works in the gold mine of Arjut village in order to verify the exploration works performed earlier and to begin the exploitation process in the mine. The main purpose of the works was to check the oxidation value, the concentration of gold and silver in depth below 30 meters in the north-eastern part of the mine. Three boreholes up to 100 linear meters deep in total were drilled and three exploration trenches of 90 linear meters long in total were made, a 45 meters wide cleaning was opened and investigated.
          About 200 units of samples were taken (duplicate, standard and blank samples)  and sent to laboratory. In laboratory the samples were analysed for gold (Au), silver (Ag) and copper (Cu). Technological representative samples were taken from oxidation zones for different purposes.
          A report was made with comparison diagrams.

          Earth moving works were done, 516 linear meters of ground roads were constructed, up to 290 meters of roads were reconstructed and/or cleaned. Two drilling platforms and one wide platform were constructed, in which a 45-meter-wide opening was done.