Arpi Lake


Geographical location

About 17km away from the village of Amasia

  •         In the 1950s a dam was built to increase the volume of Lake Arpi to rise the waterlevel of the lake by about 20 meters. Taking into account the fact that the dam was built quite early, there was a strong necessity to carry out studies to understand the durability of the dam and the expediency of further exploitation since it is considered to be the main water reserve for Kaps planned reservoir. Considering all the above mentioned circumstances, the whole work has been done very carefully and under strict observance of safety rules.

            Drilling works have been carried out by modified СКБ 4 drilling rig. Main achievent after modification was that it could now drill in narrow places about 2.5 meters wide. Also modifications have been made in the field so as to adapt the conditions to the operations on the dam of Lake Arpi. We drilled there totally 4 boreholes about 60 meters deep summary. Permeability (packer), grouting, falling head(Maag) and constant head(LA franc) tests were carried out there, one piezometer had been installed.