Geographical location

About 15km away from the city of Gyumri, Shirak region.

  • Geotechnical works: 3000 linear meters, 77 boreholes have been drilled. 24 Standard Penetration Test (SPT) according to ASTM D1586 standard, Undisturbed Sampling (SHELBY) tests according to ASTM D1587 standard, 68 tests with reduced (Maag) and stable (LA Franc) pressure, 236 injection (LUGEON) tests with one and two Packer. Also groundwater level monitoring were carried out with installation of standard and CASAGRANDE piezometers (858 linear meters), cementation tests (390 linear meters) in 4 geological formations, ASTM 6726 well-type chamber were used, inclinometer installation and monitoring according to ASTM 6230 standard, topography and geotechnical documentation. After completion of fieldwork, a report was prepared consisting of two volumes both in Armenian and English languages, respectively 928 and 647 pages, where more detailed description of work performed and graphic tables of tests were presented with the results of calculations.

  • Excavation works have also been carried out with 80 CAT 428F2 backhoe loader, trial pits and trenches were dug out to a depth of 5 meters. Samples have been taken from trial pits to understand the type of rock mass in the area and its possible use for construction of the reservoir. In some of the trial pits were carried out different tests. After the work completion the trial pits were closed and covered with 20 centimeters of black soil layer.

  • There are also surveying and topographic survey work. All the coordinates (X, Y, Z,) of boreholes, trial pits and tranches have been handed over to the actual customer. All the points of geological survey were taken with GPS Trimble R8S, and topographical surveying measurements were carried out with LEICA TS06 equipment.