LV Gold Mining CJSC

Geographical location

Syunik Region. Lichkvaz Mine, 60km from Kapan.

  • Drilling works for geological exploration. Column drilling with Atlas Copco CS/14 drill rig. Drilling diameters was PQ (122mm), HQ (93mm), NQ (76mm) with a maximum 500m depth and 60-degree dip, total 40.000 linear meters, 219 drill holes. In all drill holes’ inclination were done with REFLEX EZ-TRAC 1.5 equipment. One of the difficulties of the work is that some of drill holes have crossed the horizons of up to 3 adits. The work began in May 2016 and ended in September 2016.

  • About 10 km of ground roads and 219 stacking platforms have been built with the help of CAT 329, CAT 336 and CAT D8 techniques.