Geographical location

Syunik region, 30km away from city Kapan, Kajaran copper molybdenum deposit.

  • Drilling works for geological exploration. Column drilling was carried out with drill rig Atlas Copco CS/14. Drill core diameters HQ (93mm) and NQ (76mm), dip was from 45º to 90º. 32500 linear meters of drilling was carried out respectively 4000m in 2016, 21966.5m in 2017 and during 3 months in 2018, 6500m. The works are still underway. The deepest drill hole was 1073.5m, Total Core Recovery (TCR) was 96%.

  • Geotechnical drilling works aimed at removing the accumulated water in the Kajaran copper and molybdenum deposit. Landing ground and underground column drilling with Atlas Copco Diamec PU6E drill rig. Drilling diameters were HQ (93mm) and NQ (76mm), drilling dip from 0º to 360º, piezometers were installed. There was also 200 linear meters of deep water well drilling with diameter 350mm, were up to 200m depth 219m pipe was installed to pump out the water from drill hole. Finally, it was possible to remove groundwater and surface water accumulated in the mine site by preventing subsequent accumulations that distorted the mine's normal work.

  • Geotechnical drilling works were carried out in the territory of Artsvanik dump, jointly with SRK Consulting in accordance with international standards. 2000 liner meters of drilling was carried out with Atlas drill rig, diameter HQ (93mm). Geotechnical sampling was done, Standard Penetration Test according to ASTM D1586-11 standard, 100mm of undamaged soil sampling according to ASTM D1587-08 standard, installation of piezometer and so on.

  • Drilling operations have been performed to provide air to adits with GP 600B type drill rig with 90º and maximum deviation was 0.01 degrees. About 2000 linear meters of total volume of drilling from which 200 linear meters of drilling with diameter 310mm.

  • Blast hole drilling works are implemented at Zangezour Copper Molybdenum Combines areas and at Kajaran open pit. Drilling works are performed with JK 580, GP 590 and GP 458 type drilling equipment, with diameter 110-165mm up to 15 linear meters in depth. Charging of explosive substance is done by MCZ-15-VP-K-014 type mixing and charging equipment, which are placed on Kamaz trucks. As a blasting device, non-electric blasting systems are used, which ensure high safety and minimize the exposure to seismic effects on the environment. In total, the company carries out more than 6 million cubic meters of explosive annually.