Norgeo has been implementing blasting works for more than 3 years and has already become one of the industry leaders. We are capable of drilling up to 3.000.000 meters for blasting as it has been mentioned above.SOne of the most important criteria in blasting are safety and eco-friendliness., We strictly follow safety rules, for our employees, as well as for nearby areas and nature to ensure that harm done to environment is as minimal as possible. Every blasting has its own unique passport with all the information and calculations to ensure efficiency and minimal emission. Passport includes information about rocks’ thrown distance, safety zone, and prospect seismic data.

With all this experience in calculations and basing, we are doing our best to get efficient blasts with minimal risk and harm. The Company is capable of doing the whole list of blasting works: drilling for blasting, planning and demolition of buildings by blasting. We are capable of blasting up to 8.000.000 cubic meters of rock per year. We have extensive experience for mine blasting, road construction supportive blasting in tricky relief areas.


  • JK590 Crawler
  • Kamaz Well ANFO Injector
  • JK580 Crawler
  • North Benz ANFO Well Injector
  • Other Auxiliary Vehicles