We are capable of drilling holes of PQ, HQ and NQ diameters by air cooling and borehole cleaning and polymer based drill fluid and water, with core extraction, double and triple tubes with capacity of reaching up to 2600 meters deep vertical and incline up to 45 degree, also up to whole 360 degrees up to 800 meters with equipment of best leading companies, our modern rigs can drill very accurately. Despite the rock type, we can adjust our rigs to meet all the client’s requirements. Besides RC and Core drilling we have capabilities to drill for water wells with up to one degree accuracy with several methods: auger and blasting. We have drilled total up to 70 water wells within last 3 years. We can drill up to 3.000.000 meters per year for blasting.
During last three years Norgeo LLC has carried out works amounting more than 150.000 meters with one borehole of 1200 meters․
Norgeo has huge experience not only in engineering but also in researching and exploration works. Key to our success is our highly qualified employees. Our team consists of highly experienced specialists and well-educated and motivated young engineers who are continuously being evolved by our more experienced specialists, working side by side to provide the best quality product. such teamwork reserves us the right to say that we can make seemingly impossible concepts of our clients realized in best manner.


  • Atlas Copco CT20 Christensen
  • JK590 Crawler
  • Atlas Copco CS14 Christensen
  • JK580 Crawler
  • Atlas Copco Diamec PU6E
  • SKB 4 and 4.1
  • URB 2.5
  • Other Auxiliary vehicles