Norgeo specialists and quite big variety of heavy equipment allows us to do big amount of earth works. Company has experience in road construction, trench digging and mining overburden works.

We can implement earth works such as backfill, soil transportation, overburden mining, soil processing; preparation and construction of platforms, compacting, slope preparation, dam construction and strengthening, construction of unsurfaced roads with their drainage systems and safety barriers, geodesy services and topographic survey, mapping and maps digitalization. We are also capable of preparation and construction of tailing dumps with the layer of waterproof composite materials for flooring, as well as dam maintenance, exploitation, monitoring, development and construction of drainage system and conservation works.

We have graders, excavators both with front shovel and back hoe, bulldozers, dump trucks, loaders, telescopic handlers, road rollers, drilling machines, lowboy trailer. All of them are from leading manufacturers. We believe that protection of the environment should be in the limelight. We care a lot about the environment. That is why we strictly look after our equipment and machines, doing technical maintenance in time, strongly instructing our employees to take care of waste not only during the works but also in everyday life..


  • CAT 336
  • KAMAZ 10 ton
  • CAT 329
  • KAMAZ 10 ton
  • CAT 320
  • BOMAG BW216D
  • CAT 428F2
  • Manitou MLT-X 840
  • CAT D8
  • Manitou MT-X 732
  • CAT D6
  • KAMAZ 8 ton
  • CAT 140M
  • MAN TGS 32540
  • MAN 41480
  • Other Auxiliary Vehicles
  • KAMAZ 10 ton