New constructions and projects are becoming more and more required due to fast industrial evolution and growth over the world, as a result engineering geological investigation is quickly becoming more needed.Geotechnical researches have their special role in this study. Norgeo has performed detailed researches for reservoirs construction planning, for future and already existing dams and auxiliary buildings and investigation works for tunnels construction. During the whole period of its activities Norgeo has delivered various reports of engineering geology to their clients, based on which lots of projects are being currently implemented, and some have already been completed.

During research necessary soil parameters are provided with clear precision. Reported data is collected from field researches and well equipped laboratory tests. The company has huge experience in landslide detecting at primary stage and procedures to prevent further evolution with necessary operations like drain digging, detailed inspection and monitoring.

The Company is equipped with all the necessary equipment for performing grouting test, Cementation and Cementation tests with different methods such as JET and GIN methods. We also own inclinometer and borehole camera equipment. We are doing topographic and geodesy survey with the best equipment of the industry with high experienced professionals. Our specialists have extensive experience in supporting all the above mentioned activities. Working in different areas of the country, we had our remarkable input in Armenian topographic study by updating, modifications and digitization of topographic maps.


  • Atlas Copco CT20 Christensen
  • Inclinometer SNUSM-ISP-V-30/150
  • Atlas Copco CS14 Christensen
  • Inclinometer High-technology HKCX-DZ-CAB
  • Atlas Copco Diamec PU6E
  • Borehole Camera
  • Water Pumps
  • Lugeon tests (Packer) equipment
  • SKB 4 and 4.1
  • Other Auxiliary vehicles
  • URB 2.5